Who am I?

You know when you start a new school or move to a new town and you think “I can be who I want to be”. You might want to be a little more outgoing or put a little more effort into your wardrobe choices.
After some time as this new and “improved” person you realize that you will always be you. No matter how you change your look or habits the person other people get to know is the person you are.

That doesn’t mean that people don’t evolve. People label themselves, or other people as introverts, a social person, a jerk. No one is these labels. A person who identifies themselves as an introvert just hasn’t made efforts to improve their social skills. And maybe even believes that it isn’t possible. You can’t be defined by these labels.

But what defines who you are? I am a 23 years old, but next year I wont be , I am Bergþóra, but my name could have been something else. What makes me me?

It’s hard not to categorize yourself. I am a social person, but maybe it’s only when I’m around people who already make me feel comfortable. Of course these things won’t always be negative things and then they don’t do you harm. It is of course great to consider yourself a social person. But if I identify myself as an introvert and believe it’s just a fact and that’s how it will be, that’s not good.

You can evolve, you actually can be who you want to be, you just have to believe that you can improve and eventually begin to identify yourself to be in the categories you want to be in.

I will now be working on being more expressive, using my voice to do something creative, putting something out there. I will be working on putting into words what I experience and getting my thoughts on paper.. or this website!