All roads lead to The Promenade

Being from Iceland I am definitely enjoying the extra 10-15 degrees in September. I have now been here for almost a week and I realized that almost every day I have ended up going to the Promenade. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a pedestrian walkway where you get a great view of Manhattan.

Whether it is just to walk the “nicer” way home, to get some sun, or to go running, it never fails. While I’m here I want to explore New York and especially Brooklyn, The Promenade will however always be my first favorite place.

At the end of the Promenade we’ve found the best pizza place in Brooklyn. Granted we haven’t been to all of them, but after this one I feel like we don’t need to.

It is the lovely Julianna’s!

This is a small pizza place in the best location.. right by the Promenade. It’s a walk-in only restaurant so there will be a cue, but it’s worth the wait. What’s really special about this place is that the 84 year old owner, Patsy, is often there. He was last night and you can see how much he cares about his little pizzeria.

Of course after such a great meal you always need something sweet. Just a few steps down the street you’ll find the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Even when I’ve been here during winter, when the humid air freezes up your hair, I still get a scoop. It’s so delicious.

Now the blog might start to seem like I’m posting to advertise for certain places.. but it’s all just for me to remember them.

At the end of every blog I’ve decided to dedicate it to an artist. As you can imagine I like to listen to some music while writing.

This blog’s artists are JóiPé and Króli. They are taking Iceland by storm right now. The hottest in Icelandic Hip Hop at the moment. Keep it up. Their latest album Gerviglingur is good. Listen to it.

Small Tasks


First thing’s first. I’ve just decided that while I’m here I’m going to learn how to write with my left. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I saw this video the other day where a general in the US army was talking to a graduating class about the importance of completing small tasks throughout your day. He used the example of making your bed. Your first complete/incomplete of the day. It isn’t much but if completed it can build a small sense of completion. He believed that since you made your bed it is more likely that you will finish more small tasks throughout the day and therefore feel more accomplished by the end of it.

Everyone needs this. I really need this. This is my first day in Brooklyn. It just really hit me that I will have every day off here. I have to start “adulting”. 

My bed is not made. One second… now it is.

For my first few days here me and my boyfriend are staying at his college dorm. By the end of the week we move to an apartment. Our home for the next 3 months. If you’ve ever walked into a dorm room where two adult men are living together you can imagine how clean it is(n’t). As soon as we move, a new way of living starts. For example, we are not buying any more take-away. 

Today’s reading material is The College Cookbook by Geri Harrington. My dad lent me this book for my Brooklyn stay. I’ve now read the first 5 pages. It’s basically just telling me to complete several small tasks everyday when it comes to food. The main idea is of course “Do your own cooking”, and then it breaks it down for young inexperienced cooks like myself. “Compare prices”, “Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season”, “No ‘easy-to-cook’ dinners”.

Changing my eating habits will award me with a lot of small accomplishments.

While I’m here my goal is to learn how to be a responsible adult. No one really knows when they’ve become an adult. When you’re younger you think it’ll just hit you one day. You think you’ll get medal from your parents and there will be a celebration in your honor. But that doesn’t happen.
I’ve now made the decision of becoming an adult. As a 23 year old it might sound stupid, but I’m beginning to think you become an adult when you decide to.

I’ve now made my bed, I’ve started my second blog, I’ve written down tips for cooking, (with my left hand). Suck it small tasks, Bergþóra is now an adult. 


Who am I?

You know when you start a new school or move to a new town and you think “I can be who I want to be”. You might want to be a little more outgoing or put a little more effort into your wardrobe choices.
After some time as this new and “improved” person you realize that you will always be you. No matter how you change your look or habits the person other people get to know is the person you are.

That doesn’t mean that people don’t evolve. People label themselves, or other people as introverts, a social person, a jerk. No one is these labels. A person who identifies themselves as an introvert just hasn’t made efforts to improve their social skills. And maybe even believes that it isn’t possible. You can’t be defined by these labels.

But what defines who you are? I am a 23 years old, but next year I wont be , I am Bergþóra, but my name could have been something else. What makes me me?

It’s hard not to categorize yourself. I am a social person, but maybe it’s only when I’m around people who already make me feel comfortable. Of course these things won’t always be negative things and then they don’t do you harm. It is of course great to consider yourself a social person. But if I identify myself as an introvert and believe it’s just a fact and that’s how it will be, that’s not good.

You can evolve, you actually can be who you want to be, you just have to believe that you can improve and eventually begin to identify yourself to be in the categories you want to be in.

I will now be working on being more expressive, using my voice to do something creative, putting something out there. I will be working on putting into words what I experience and getting my thoughts on paper.. or this website!